Here's Why More Leads Won't Help You

Michael Balle Hansen by Michael Balle Hansen

Why more leads won't help you

I hear this all the time: If I can only get more leads I will achieve all my goals.


This is a common misconception. Its easy to see why. If you double the amount of leads you should double the money you make, right? WRONG.

The last thing you want is more leads.

What you want is a consistent way to get high quality leads but even more importantly you want a repeatable way of getting these leads and you want a solid process of converting those leads.

What good will more leads do you if you can’t get a hold of them?

What good is the leadgen technique if it only works one month? Then next month you’re back to looking for that “next hit”.

What good will more leads do if you can actually talk to them, but no one ever wants to invest with you?

Start with the prospective client
Always remember these are real people, not just “a lead”. The very first thing you need to focus on is them. What do they want? Lets be honest, no one cares what you want. They only care what they want so focus on what they want and deliver that.

Not only will that convert better, but you’ll also have earned a life long client as you’ve earned their trust. This will also dramatically increase the amount of referrals you get.

Are you generating the right leads?
Once you understand your client the next step is to understand if you’re actually targeting the right prospective clients. If you’re looking for high income business earners but you advertise in the yellow pages how many high income business owners do you think you’ll get from there? When is the last time you used Yellow Pages?

How you talk to them matters
If you come out guns blazing like Jordan Belfort it might work for a short time, but over time you’ll burn more and more people and end up getting a bad reputation. This ties in with the first point that you need to communicate in a language they understand but also have their best interests at heart.

It takes 6-8 “Touches”
Its a common comment in leadgen. A lead buyer will say “this lead is bad”. I then ask how many times they called the lead and they answer: “Just once and then it went to voicemail. They never called back so this lead is terrible”.

You need to develop a process for ensuring you reach out enough times to build trust. Now there are ways of converting a lead on that very first call that I teach my clients, but if you don’t have a process like that you need to ensure you reach out enough times to build trust. Even if you close them on the first call often there will be people you don’t so ensure you reach out enough times to work that lead.

Track, Track, Track
Track everything. There’s going to be nuggets in the data that you can use. The old quote from Peter Drucker says it the best: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”.

Once you start tracking everything and optimizing accordingly you’ll be able to have a more and more fine tuned engine which will allow you to scale consistently month after month.


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