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Search Engine Optimization typically referred to as SEO offers several benefits and should in most cases be a key part of any marketing strategy.

SEO has several key benefits over PPC and other paid sources. It's a great inbound traffic source that generate high quality traffic or leads. You don't pay per click like you do with ad platforms. Often times people will say it's free traffic due to this which isn't the case as it costs money or time to get the free traffic.

You achieve a certain momentum with SEO once it starts picking up speed which is hard to beat with other traffic sources.

The down side to SEO is that it's very slow and you're at the mercy of Google who constantly changes the algorithms since they, to be blunt, want you paying for traffic.

We almost always recommend a hybrid of paid traffic (Typically PPC) with SEO. We use PPC for a quick ROAS and then the client can use part of these new profits to gradually let us build out their SEO traffic.

Why work with us?

Benefit #1 - Experience

We've been in the internet marketing industry since 2005 (Thats 16 years!). To put things in perspective Google Ads was launched in 2000. Facebook was created in 2004. Any company that has marketed more than 6 years is considered senior.

In the early period of this we only promoted our own companies and websites. We've learned and honed our experiences by spending and losing our own money. All agencies will take your money, but very few will treat your money with the same respect as we do. You won't be spending your money teaching us the ins and outs of internet marketing.

Benefit #2 - Exclusivity

We only work with one company in each geographic location for a given service. Working with one client per geographical area allows us to only focus on growing your business. This isn't just an issue of focus, but also ethics. We couldn't in good conscience take your money in your area under the understanding that we would grow your business, but then later take your competitors money saying the same thing. The reality is that only one company can have our full focus as there's only one top position.

Benefit #3 - Long Term Perspective

We want to work hand in hand with you because without this collaboration its hard to grow what works and stop what doesn't. This is what often creates problems with traditional lead sellers. You get a lead and they are gone. This does not work long term.

Benefit #4 - Superior Tracking

One of the things we've learned in the 16 years of doing internet marketing for our own businesses is the importance of tracking. Without tracking you can't optimize. If you can't optimize properly you can't grow.

Management Team

Michael Balle Hansen Michael Balle Hansen
Founder & CEO
Michael Balle Hansen started his first SaaS business in 2005 shortly after he finished his software architect degree in Denmark. Later in 2005 he emigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he architected and developed major software solutions for large corporations such as DDB, Teck, HSE, Mr. Lube, Sterling, Esselte and many more. As he got more and more proficient in Internet Marketing he focused solely on this and has since then been in the trenches building and growing campaigns and companies in multiple verticals.